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Enhance the recreational, educational and interpretive programs of the Bureau of Land Management by providing materials and services to the public which promote an understanding, and appreciation of, the natural history, cultural history and sciences of Southern Nevada and specifically, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.
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Spring Hours, Programs, and Safety

HOURS The Scenic Drive is open daily from 6AM until…

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  • construction
    Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive is Under Construction

    Crews have begin construction on Phase 2 of improvements to the 13-mile Scenic Drive in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. The construction,…

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  • Sacred Datura
    Flower Friday

    The large white blooms of sacred datura (Datura wrightii), ranging from six to ten inches long, can easily catch your attention during summer…

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  • carpenter bee
    Wildlife Wednesday

    One of the more commonly spotted flying insects, California carpenter bees (Xylocopa californica) buzz through the air looking for nectar in…

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  • zebra tailed lizard
    Red Rock Canyon A to Z

    Z: Zebra-tailed lizard One of the fastest lizards in the Mojave Desert, Western zebra-tailed lizards (Callisaurus draconoides rhodostictus)…

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