The RRCIA Mission

The mission of the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association is to enhance the recreational, educational and interpretive programs of the Bureau of Land Management, and other governmental agencies, by providing materials and services to the public which promote an understanding, and appreciation of, the natural history, cultural history and sciences of Southern Nevada and specifically, Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area.

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Red Rock Canyon is HOT, HOT, HOT!

With temperatures on the rise in Southern Nevada, visitors to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area should keep the following…

Western Fence Lizard
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    World Ranger Day

    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a ranger? Join us as we celebrate World Ranger Day and the outstanding efforts of rangers in Southern Nevada. We will have activity tables and rangers on hand to help you discover the cool and amazing things rangers do as part of their jobs and learn about some of the special places where rangers work in…

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    Artist-in-Residence Program Exhibition

    Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area will unveil its first Artist-in-Residence program exhibition on July 4th, 2014. The exhibition will feature new works and pieces for sale by Southern Nevada artists Linda Campbell, Maria Arango Diener, and Myranda Bair, who each completed a two-week residency at Red Rock Canyon this Spring. The exhibition…

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Nevada’s State Reptile

Come and meet our desert tortoises. With any luck they will be out and about to say “Hi”. Learn more about our illustrious state…

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    Bats in our Belfry

    We will be starting with a talk about bats at the Visitor Center and then going to Red Springs to observe and listen to them.  Easy difficulty.  Ages 15+.  Limited space/registration required.  For more information or to register, please call (702) 515-5367.

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    Red Rock Canyon Disturbances

    Stop by the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center to learn about how the area has changed throughout time. See how natural elements like fire, wind, water, and human impacts shape and alter the Canyon. Are all these disturbances bad? All ages. No registration required. For more information, please call (702) 515-5367.

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