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Moenkopi Loop

Distance 2 miles; Average time: 1.5hrs; Difficulty: EASY Triassic fossils and various desert flora can be seen on this open country trail which starts at the visitor center and traverses a prominent limestone ridge. In addition to panoramic views of…

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Calico Hills

Distance 2-6 miles; Average time: 1.5 – 3.5 hrs; Difficulty: MODERATE This trail runs along the base of the Calico Rocks from Calico Basin to Sandstone Quarry. Distance is variable since the trail can be accessed at either end or from either of…

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Calico Tanks

Distance 2.5 miles; Average time: 2hrs; Difficulty: MODERATE This scurry over jumbled sandstone leads to a hidden water pocket and a great view of Las Vegas. Calico Tanks is a great trip for families or those wanting a relatively short introduction…

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Turtlehead Peak

Distance 5 miles; Average time: 3.5-4.5hrs; Difficulty: STRENUOUS This hike features sweeping views from a choice Red Rock Canyon peak. Although it’s not an easy climb, Turtlehead Peak is one of the most accessible peaks. If it’s warm weather, you’ll…

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Keystone Thrust

Distance 2.2 miles; Average time: 1.5hrs; Difficulty: MODERATE Hike along this trail to see the intersection of great and colorful geologic eras. Sixty million to 65 million years ago, the Pacific and North American continental plates got into a shoving…

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White Rock – Willow Springs

Distance 4.4 miles; Average time: 2.5hrs; Difficulty: EASY-MODERATE From the upper parking lot at White Rock Spring, take the trail on the west side to where it splits. The trail to the right descends to a guzzler [man made water hole]. The trail to…

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White Rock – La Madre Spring Loop

Distance 6 miles; Average time: 3.5hrs; Difficulty: MODERATE This loop takes you through a secluded pocket of life, around the rugged sandstone of Red Rock Canyon to La Madre Spring, where the water splashes life on this otherwise desert landscape.…

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Lost Creek – Children’s Discovery

Distance .75 miles; Average time: 1hr; Difficulty: EASY This self-guided interpretive trail introduces kids of all ages to the many different features of the Mojave Desert at Red Rock Canyon, including petroglyphs, lessons of desert life, towering views,…

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Willow Springs Loop

Distance 1.5 miles; Average time: 1.25hrs; Difficulty: EASY From the parking lot follow the trail by the restroom south. This takes you past a pictograph site and Agave roasting pits, to the Lost Creek parking lot. There the trail heads to the right…

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La Madre Springs

Distance 3.3 miles; Average time: 2hrs; Difficulty: MODERATE This nice hike follows an old road up a canyon with red and white sandstone cliffs on one side and gray limestone mountains on the other. The trail does not actually go to La Madre Spring;…

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