Bring together your creative side with nature!

The Red Rock Canyon Artist in Residence (AiR) program promotes the understanding and appreciation of Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area through the world of art. Artists reflect on scenic beauty, cultural history, and community engagement.

The Red Rock Canyon Artist in Residence program is made possible through a partnership between Southern Nevada Conservancy and the U.S. Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management. Currently, the program is inactive. 

Artist in Residence Works from Previous Years

View music and videos created by 2015 resident artist, Michael Futreal here.

Check out photos here from hidden camera hikes by 2015 resident artist, Sean Russell.

View photos from the 2014 Red Rock Canyon Artist in Residence Season here.

Brad Bachmeier
Ceramics Artist and Sculptor
Residency Dates: March 3 - March 15, 2019

Dasha Jamison
Pastel Artist
Residency Dates: March 18 - March 24, 2019

Angela Brommel
Residency Dates: March 24 - April 7, 2018

Christine Wilson
Stained Glass Artist
Residency Dates: April 15 - April 29, 2018

Christopher Tsouras
Residency Dates: May 1 - May 15, 2018

Ashton Ludden
Print Maker
Residency: Spring 2020 (cancelled due to COVID-19 closures)

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