Date & Time:

Sunday 04/23/2017
All Day


Southern Nevada Conservancy


Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


  • Literary

Event Details

The famous naturalists like Thoreau and Emerson are known for their nature journals. A nature journal is similar to a diary, but it’s a place where we write down what happens in nature. You can take one with you on hikes or picnics – any outdoors activity – to record your observations. What plants did you see? What animals did you hear? You can even make drawings. Compare the things you saw with what you saw a month ago. With practices, journaling can help you explore how things work in the natural world. We will discuss how nature journalists are used and look at some examples. Next, we’ll go outside to make some observations. Complimentary notebooks and pens will be provided for you to use and take come. Ages 12+. Limited space/registration necessary.

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