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Sunday 10/09/2016
All Day




Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area


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Besides the enjoyment of being out in the open desert, sharing this experience with people that may not have a chance to see this area is something photographer Nick Diggins enjoys undertaking. He spends a lot of time working on finding compositions at Red Rock, which can be challenging. Nick has lived in Las Vegas for over a decade, juggling his time between a full time job and his love of nature, hiking and photography. Red Rock Canyon is by far one of his favorite spots to express himself through photography. Nick’s favorite time to photograph is during monsoon season, when clouds are bursting at the seams and lightning flashes explode like fireworks. He likes to think of himself as an “Atmospheric Photographer.” Sunrises and sunsets during these heavy weather periods produce the best work, photographs that Nick finds to be more saturated and interesting.

Swing by the Visitor Center anytime from 10AM to 3PM to meet photographer Nick Diggins. No registration necessary.

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