Meet Jackson, our jovial (and witty) adopted burro


Jackson is a formerly-wild burro who was adopted from the Red Rock Canyon Herd Management Area near Las Vegas in September of 2012. The Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association adopted him to help with their education and outreach programs. He hosts a Facebook page to keep folks updated on burros, adoption, and appreciating the finer things in life.

Jackson was just nominated for a Public Lands Alliance Award for Outstanding Public Engagement: Program or Service!


Jackson says:
“After living the first year and a half of my life out in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, I was adopted by the Red Rock Canyon Interpretive Association. Now I take leisurely walks with my humans in the Mojave desert, meet lots of people at the Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, and do education programs for kids about land conservation, horses and burros, and life skills.

I live near lots of friendly horses down at Cowboy Trail Rides, just south of Highway 159 between the beginning and end of the Red Rock Canyon scenic loop drive. Come by and see me! I’ve got a journal so you can record your visit with me. I’m on a strict diet to maintain my athletic figure, so please don’t bring me any food, but I love scratches on my chin!”


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