While exploring Red Rock Canyon in the spring, you may start to hear the two part “rib-it” or “krek-ek” call of a male Baja California chorus frog (Pseudacris hypochondriaca) in search of a mate. Nestled up against aquatic plants or overhanging shrubs in shallow waters, these small frogs work hard to camouflage with their gray to green-brown color and conceal their eggs on submerged plant stems at the bottom of pools. With a careful eye, a Baja California chorus frog can be identified by toe-pads and a dark stripe through the eye alongside the head. The range of this species is quite extensive, as they can be found from northern Nevada through Baja California, Mexico. Look for them here at Calico Basin, Lost Creek, Pine Creek, Oak Creek, First Creek and other slow moving pools of water.

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